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House in Plano -- Duplex in Plano 4102 Cummins, Plano, IL
2BR 1.5BA
Apartment in Dekalb -- 4 bedroom, 2 bath -... 1300 Eco Park Drive #8, Dekalb, IL
4BR 2.0BA
10BR 5.5BA
2BR 1.0BA
2 1.0 $690 Wilson Properties Available
House in Dekalb -- 1BR, 1BA Available January 1st! 906 Pleasant Street, Dekalb, IL
1 1.0 $650 Dwell DeKalb Realty Available
2 1.5 $710 Dwell DeKalb Realty Available
3 1.0 $690 Dwell DeKalb Realty Available
3 1.0 $780 CLA Apartments Available
1 1.0 $560 CLA Apartments Available
1 1.0 $605 CLA Apartments Available
Apartment in Dekalb -- 3 BEDROOM ACROSS FROM STUD 426, 430, 432 RUSSELL RD., Dekalb, IL
3 1.0 $840 CLA Apartments Available
Apartment in Dekalb -- NEWLY REMODELED 2 BEDROOM 907 KIMBERLY, 839 GREENBRIER, Dekalb, IL
2 1.0 $650 CLA Apartments Available
1 1.0 $525 Renee Available
2 1.0 $800 Yamber Real Estate & Available
Apartment in Rochelle -- Large 1 bdrm 1251 Short Court, Rochelle, IL
1 1.0 $450 Schultz Apartments Available
Apartment in Dekalb -- Large remodeled apartments 810 Kimberly Drive, Dekalb, IL
1 1.0 $595 Schultz Apartments Available
Apartment in Dekalb -- Huge Three bedroom 810 Kimberly Drive, Dekalb, IL
3 1.0 $850 Schultz Apartments Available
Apartment in Dekalb -- Park Center Apartments 515 East Taylor Street, Dekalb, IL
2 1.0 $650 Schultz Apartments Available
Apartment in Dekalb -- Lovely 2bd available 209 Pardridge Pl, Dekalb, IL
2 1.0 $695 Schultz Apartments Available
1 1.0 $450 Brian Available
4 2.0 $555 magic carpet ride Available
4 2.0 $555 magic carpet ride Available
4 2.0 $495 magic carpet ride Available
Bdrm In Shared Rental in Dekalb -- Grad students s 2504 Alpha Court East, Dekalb, IL
4 2.0 $495 magic carpet ride Available
63873431801122350Duplex in PlanoAVAILABLE IN OCTOBER! Lovely 2 bedroom (with master suite) 1.5 bath, vaulted ceilings, 1 car attached garage, nice yard and patio. Central air, all appliances including dishwasher, washer, dryer included.Lakewood Springs Clubhouse Community in Plano IL. 2 clubhouses, 2 pools, parks, tennis, volleyball, YMCA with indoor pool.Minutes from the Fox River and Silver Springs. Close to a variety of shopping. Plano also has Amtrak service for trips into Naperville, downtown or down state.PET FRIENDLYRent: $1,100/month (tenant is responsible for utilities)201100004102 CumminsPlanoIL6054512015-11-02 15:07:572015-11-02 15:08:58house21.501100002015-11-02available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005609362subscription2016-08-31 10:41:410/il/plano/5609362-duplex-in-plano/images/24/70/24700402_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700403_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700404_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700405_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700406_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700407_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700408_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700409_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700410_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700411_640x480.jpg/images/24/70/24700402_640x480.jpglands28218301808853904 bedroom, 2 bath - Utilities IncludedWhile apartments are available.Utilities include water, gas, internet/cable with DVR and cable modem.Axiom Properties is proud to announce the acquisition of yet another amazing community. Eco Park has always been an upstanding Apartment Community here in DeKalb, IL and we cannot wait to deliver on the high expectations of our current and future residents and of course the high expectations which we set forth as a management company as a whole! Click into the listing for contact information.40.001420001300 Eco Park Drive #8DekalbIL6011512013-05-03 10:22:462015-09-21 16:10:07apartment42.011001420002016-08-12available000141.9417700000000000-88.7796320000000000street2576910subscription2016-06-21 13:55:420/il/dekalb/2576910-4-bedroom-2-bath-utilities-included/images/13/15/13156026_640x480.jpg/images/13/15/13156030_640x480.jpg/images/13/15/13156035_640x480.jpg/images/13/15/13156040_640x480.jpg/images/13/15/13156047_640x480.jpg/images/13/15/13156052_640x480.jpg/images/13/15/13156026_640x480.jpglands5802089180901330Student HousingWe have 5 buildings open on Augusta road which is not far from campus (near the art/music buildings across the river).Each of these buildings has 8 - 10 people in them with 2-3 shared bathrooms, a kitchen, and usually a sitting area inside the buildings. A cleaning group comes through and cleans all of the common areas (ie everywhere but rooms) weekly/semi weekly. Lawn care is also provided, and I am on site full time for any issues or emergencies as well as cleaning/maintenance, etc. We also have a building on Normal road which has approximately 20 people but is the same situation as above with 5.5 bathrooms and a kitchen. The average for rent (at all building) is about $350 depending on the room. Generally they run from $330-$400 and are priced by size and if it has a bathroom included. There is a $240 utility fee due every semester; if the bill goes above then we charge it evenly between the tenants, if it is under the cost we return the difference.There is also a standard security deposit fee of $400. Feel free to contact us with questions/concerns at 630-546-8464.040000427 NormalDekalbIL6011512014-12-05 20:51:192015-11-03 14:07:03apartment105.50350002015-06-01available00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none5349363subscription2015-12-04 21:57:350/il/dekalb/5349363-student-housing/images/24/34/24347349_640x480.jpg/images/24/34/24347349_640x480.jpglands682589180626630SPACIOUS, QUIET 2 BR APTLarge quiet apartment on 1st floor in nice 4 unit building Large eat in kitchen; hardwood floors. Enclosed & secure front & rear entrances, individual balcony. Quiet residential neighborhood.Must see to appreciate this desirable apartment. Non smoking, no dogsSecurity deposit $7650765001115 GroveDekalbIL6011512012-03-23 10:27:312015-09-15 11:50:51apartment21.0900765002015-10-01available000141.9255770000000000-88.7405990000000000street186314subscription2016-04-16 03:29:010/il/dekalb/186314-spacious-quiet-2-br-apt/images/14/55/1455784_640x480.jpg/images/14/62/1462980_640x480.jpg/images/14/55/1455784_640x480.jpgport

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